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Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd

Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
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Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd

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Cardiology Equipment

We have wide range of cardiology equipments such as ECG Machine, Bedside Monitor, Multi Para Monitor, Central Nursing Station, Trade Mill, Stress Test System, Pace Maker, External Pace Maker, Bio Monitor, Defibrilator, Pulse Oxy Meter, Oxygen Concentrator, I.V Pump, Continued B.P. Monitor etc.


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The Bedside Monitor attached to all the sensing devices on the patient’s body, displays the body’s major functions in the form of continuous waveforms or numbers. Some of the common functions to be monitored are blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm (ECG), breathing rate, body temperature and oxygen saturation.

Product Details :
ParametersECG, Temperature, SPO2, NIBP, Respiration, Oxygen Saturation, BP
Display TypeColor TFT display
Display Size12.1 inch
Data Storage2880 NIBP
Data Display Timings72 hrs
Battery TypeRechargable

  • Color TFT Display with 9 waveforms
  • Parameters include ECG/Resp, SpO2 , NIBP, Temp and Pulse Rate
  • Optional: IBP, EtCO2
  • Arrhythmia Analysis, S-T segment analysis, HR analysis, NIBP and SpO2 combined analysis
  • Maximum 72 hours trend data display and 2880 NIBP data storage
  • Direct, Reverse and Quick NIBP measurement modes
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient
  • Networking capability
  • Protection function for NIBP over-range
  • Built-in rechargeable Battery


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With the collaboration from leading cardiologists, we are offering highly advanced ECG Machines. These machines are specially installed for analyzing heart-related parameters. Integrated with hi- tech technology, the ECG machine gives accurate information about the size and position of the chambers, rate and regularity of heartbeats and the presence of any damage to the heart.

Product Details :
Display TypeHigh brightness LCD display 12 waveforms
Display Size5.7 inches
Battery TypeLi-ion battery
Battery Back up2 hours continues working
Data Storage2GB

Salient Features
  • 5.7 inches of LCD display with high brightness
  • Show 12 waveforms
  • R-R interval analysis, detailed and brief different analysis reports
  • Available with various work modes
  • Reduced printing cost
  • Li-ion battery with up to 2 hours of life
  • RS232 interface makes it compatible with a PC
  • Internal memory supporting the maximum 2GB data storage


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Defibrillation is a critical and crucial component in the treatment for sudden cardiac arrest. We offer AED (automated external defibrillators) for ventricular fibrillation, life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and pulseless ventricular tachycardia. It is the first and only full-rescue AED useful for depth and rate of chest compressions.

Product Details :
Operation ModeFully - Automatic
Warranty7 yrs
ModelAED G3 Plus
Dimensions3.3" x 12.4" x 10.6"
Weight6.6 lbs.
Battery LifetimeApprox 4 yrs

  • The Powerheart AED G3's Rescue Ready technology self-checks all main AED components (battery, hardware, software, and pads) daily. The AED completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly
  • AED G3 Plus RescueCoach and CPR metronome pace chest compressions
  • The AED G3 Plus calculates electrical impedance and if a second shock is necessary, our proprietary STAR biphasic technology escalates the energy to deliver therapy at an appropriate, higher level
  • Warranty: The AED has a 7-year warranty
  • The AED G3 has a 4-year full battery operational replacement guarantee

Syringe Infusion Pump

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Our Syringe Pumps ensure a cost effective solution to all types of dispensing and flow control applications. Loaded with all the features like computer interface, infusion and withdrawal and advanced programming options, the pump is known for its precisely controlled infusion rates. These syringe pumps are chosen by the highly experience doctors for accurate medication delivery to patients.

Product Details :
Display TypeLED
Number of Syringes1.0
TypesInfusion Pump
Flow Rate0.1mL/h steps
Weight6.6 lbs.
Working Modes3

  • Easy to Setup and operate
  • Reduced possibility of cross-infection: detachable screen to be placed on pendant
  • Micro Controller based Design
  • Automatic Syringe Size Detection
  • Injection modes: Flow rate, time-based, body weight
  • Audio Visual Alarm
  • Highly Precise
  • Inbuilt Battery Backup


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Very critical medical equipment used at the time of cardiac arrest, the Ventilator offered by us is easy to operate. It is a common and mostly used life- saving intervention in the emergency department. The machine simply, makes it easier for the patients for breath in case of emergency. It's easy to understand functions ensure that the ventilation is delivered quickly and effectively to the patients.

Product Details :
Display TypeLCD
Display Size12.1 inch TFT
Light Rotation360 deg
Screen TypeTouch Screen
Number of Wheels4
Control SystemButtons

  • User-friendly design, easy to operate 12.1"TFT LCD touch screen with high-resolution, joint-operation with shuttle button
  • Reduced possibility of cross-infection: detachable screen to be placed on pendant
  • Dual options to set up ventilation mode: button or touch screen
  • "Guide-way" style boot operation interface: in line with the ventilator operation works, effectiveness in preventing medical incident
  • Reasonable layout, convenient to read and compare: waveforms, loops, and monitoring parameters in same colors, displayed in left side and right side correspondingly
  • Safety guarantee: 360-degree panoramic alert light, dual(sound and light) three-level alarms, accompanied with a short text description of the problem.


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We are the leading and prominent Manufacturer and Trader of Rossmax Stethoscope.

Product Details :
Chestpiece MaterialAluminium
Binaurals MaterialSilver
Binaurals CoatingChrome Plated

  • Soft ear tips
  • Aluminum chest piece
  • Non-chill bell and diaphragm ring
  • Diaphragm side detects high-frequency sound

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