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Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd

Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
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Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd

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Operation Theatre Equipment

We provide a wide range of Hydraulic O.T Table (Side Controlled, Head End Controlled, Electro Hydraulic & Veterinary), O.T Light- Halogen, Stand Model (12" dia, 18" dia), Ceiling Model (4 bulb, 5 bulb, 7 bulb, 4 + 4, 5 + 1, 7 + 4), Suction Machine (Pediatric, Slow Suction, 1/4 Hp, 1/2 Hp, Electric With Foot, Lipo), Autoclave, H.P. Sterillizer (Vertical and Horizontal).


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Operation Theatre Light is available in multiple possible configurations to meet diverse requirements of the surgeries. The surgical lighting is very important for providing an optimal visual environment in the operation theatre, as this is absolutely necessary for meticulous and delicate surgical procedures.

Product Details :
Light Source TypeLED
Number Of Domes2
PositioningCeiling Mounted
Service LifeMore than 30,000 hours

Features :
  • Adopt the most advanced international LED as light source
  • Environmental protection at low power consumption, with long-life LED bulbs of service life of more than 30,000 hours
  • LED light has no infrared and ultraviolet radiation
  • Background illumination bulb is included, flexibly supplying the auxiliary light source for laparoscopic operations
  • The streamlined ultra-thin design with less air resistance to facilitate the arrival of purified air to operation wound
  • Digital control by double-CPU Micro-computer, with 10-grade brightness options and automatic memory
  • High-performance balance bodies, which are imported from best manufacturer from Germany
  • Sterilizable handle, which is detachable for disinfection and sterilization after operations
  • Alarming indicator, which clearly reminding doctors when one or several groups of LED bulbs are broken


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Hospital Supply Company offered a complete range of Operation Theatre Table necessary for a well organized theatre in the hospital. The tables are suitable for all general surgeries as well as complicated surgeries. Integrated with all the adjustable settings and features, these operation tables offer total control and flexibility.

Product Details :
Length Of Table Top200 cm to 215 cm
Width of Table Top50 cm
Minimun Height75 cm
Maximum Height105 cm
Lateral Tilt+ 20 deg / - 20 deg
Trendelenburg+25 deg / -25 deg
Chair Position90 deg. / 40 deg
Head and Leg Section+ 90 deg / - 90 deg. manual operated
Kidney Elevator15 cm manual operated

  • 100% life saving due to low voltage electricity supply
  • Mannual override function is available in case battery or electricity failure battery back up 800 lb weight capacity full table functions.
  • Full Articulation capability Head, Leg,Top slide & Kidney Bridgeis mannual operated Full body imaging without special accessories durable one touch pendal control

Optional Features :
  • Top Slide both Head and Leg side :30cm
  • Electric and Manual Operated as per requirement

Accessories :
  • Anaesthetic Frame (1Pcs)
  • Padded Side Supports (1 Pair)
  • Intravenous Armboard (1 Pair)
  • Padded Shoulder Supports (1 Pair)
  • Knee Crutches (1 Pair)
  • One Matters Set Thickness 50mm


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The Anaesthesia Machine is quite crucial in the operation theatre as it supplies to patients an accurate gas mixture of anesthetizing and life-sustaining gases. The machine integrated with a simple user interface panel let you to take over the control at the fingertips. Entire designing is done keeping the safety and norms of the industry in minds. Suitable for adults, the machine has all the high- end features and ventilation systems even for the kids and new born babies.

Product Details :
ApplicationOperation Use
MaterialSS, MS
Mounting TypeCastor Mounted
Flowmeter Type6-tubes
Screen TypeLTD
Screen Size7 inch

Features :
  • Suitable for adult and pediatric
  • Wave forms displayed
  • P-T, F-T Double vaporizers station
  • Integrated CO2 circle absorber
  • Fast-release APL valve
  • AGSS optional


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Surgical Diathermy introduced by us incorporates the most advanced Tissue Type Monitoring (TTM) technology. Highly equipped with all the safety measures, the surgical equipment has both the functions of endo- cut and high- cut. The Surgical Diathermy equipment is quite easy to control with just a hand switch and also can be programmed with personalized programs.

Product Details :
ModelD450 V Series
Technology UsedTissue Sensing
Control SystemMicro-Controller
Storage SystemStore 10 Programs

Details :
  • Tissue sensing technology
  • Two monopolar outputs
  • Endo cut i.e. pulsed cut for cutting polyps
  • High-Cut mode for cutting fatty area with ease
  • Power and Mode control through hand switch
  • Safety features like Patient Plate Contact Monitoring, HF leakage monitoring, Arc control, Auto Stopr
  • D450 is the fully-loaded surgical diathermy. It has been designed using high-speed micro-controller and latest software skills to meet the most demanding needs of the surgeon.D450 uses Tissue Type Monitoring (TTM) technology and thus is able to provide consistent cut quality largely independent of cutting electrode, the cutting process and the tissue type. It comes with loads of safety features like patient plate monitoring, RF leakage monitoring, Arc Control, Auto Stop in coagulation, Auto Off after a timer is activated
  • Highly programmable, one can personalize and store 10 Programs.And last and certainly not the least, you can control the power and modes through hand switch

  • D450 is suitable for all surgeries and is highly recommended for the demanding surgeries like laparoscopic surgeries, under-water surgeries and cardio-thoracic surgeries


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Suction Machine is specially designed for those surgeries that require absorbing the thick liquids like phlegm and negative pressure suction. The machine, integrated with an oil- free piston pump is totally environmental friendly with no generation of oil and smoke.

Product Details :
Power VoltageAC 220 V +/- 22 V, 50 Hz +/- 1 Hz
Max Negative Pressure0.09 MPa
Noise65 dB (A)
Power180 VA
Pumping Rate20 L/min
Reservoir Capacity2500 mL/pc, 2 pieces

  • Adopting oil-free piston pump
  • Clean-without pollution of oil and smoke
  • Convenient-no need add oil to maintain daily
  • Safe-no plus pressure during using
  • No flow backwards pressure when the machine stops, so the liquid won’t flow backwards
  • Electric suction apparatus adopts completely plastic panel design, which makes it more fancy and fashionable. The device of intercepting oil for circumfluence can reduce the oil pollution. Easy to carry, low noise, high negative pressure and large flux. It can be widely applied in the surgical operations, which needs to absorb phlegm etc thick liquids and other occasions, which need negative pressure suction.
  • Principle technical data
  • Power Voltage: AC220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
  • Max negative pressure: =0.09MPa
  • Noise:=65dB (A)
  • Power:=180VA
  • Pumping rate: =20L/min
  • Reservoir capacity: 2500mL/pc, 2pieces


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We offer Sterilizer Machine to assure our clients with unsurpassed efficacy to meet all of the sterilization needs in an operation theatre. The equipments are applicable for the sterilization of dressing material, surgical instruments and injection liquids by means of steam. Specially engineered for ensuring maximum thermo- dynamic efficiency, the sterilizer equipment adopts the principle of downward displacement of air.

Product Details :
Type Of SterilizerSteam Sterilizer
MaterialStainless Steel
Size Available in Vertical12 x 20 and 16 x 26 inches
Size Available in Horizontal16 x 36,16 x 44,16 x 48 and 20 x 44 inches
Steam Exhaust5 to 7 minutes
Sterilizatrion Period20 to 25 minutes
Opening Voltage400/440,3 Phase,AC Supply,50 C/s
Steam Working Temperature121 deg C
Steam Working Pressure1.26 kgf/cm2

Features :
  • High Pressure Steam Sterilizer (Horizontal) 16"(D) x 36"(L) Load 6 KW
  • High efficiency High Pressure Steam Sterilizer are designed for maximum thermo-dynamic efficiency and robust in construction with aesthetic and elegant finish. The Sterilization cycle operates on principle of downward displacement of air
  • HYD Teasted At : Jaket-Twice the working pressure. Chamber - One & half time the working pressure

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