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Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd

Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
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Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd
Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd Hospital Supply Company Pvt. Ltd

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Radiology & Imaging Equipment

We provide specialized high caliber radiology, endoscopes & accessories to cater to critical medi-care fields. We provide high quality endoscopes & allied accessories that can be provided in the specification and requirements as suggested by our customers.


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Colour Doppler is specially designed to add imaging to sonography and reflecting sound waves to evaluate blood as it flows via blood vessel. The assortment ensures excellent reliability and accurate performance. The doppler uses usual ultrasound techniques to produce a picture of the blood vessel. DC-3 is designed keeping in mind the client’s comfort, and providing different solutions to relieve operator's fatigue.

Product Details :
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Imaging Mode2D
ModelDC - 3
Display TypeLCD
Display Size15-inch


DC-3 is designed with customer's comfort in mind, accordingly providing various solutions to relieve operator's fatigue.
  • High-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor with wide angle of view
  • Omni directional arm, together with a rotatable and height-adjustable control panel
  • The home-based control panel is designed with consideration for the needs of users and is logical, with intuitive menu adjustment control and functional button layouts
  • The transducers are ergonomically designed to fit the hand, light-weight, and with flexible cables. They can be quickly switched among four transducer sockets
  • The USB ports and DVD-R/W are easily accessible, allowing versatile and easily accesible information flow.
  • DC-3 provides versatility and flexibility through intelligent work flow
  • Powerful user-defined presets include imaging parameters, examination mode, measurement items, calculations, shortcut keys, and annotations
  • iStation(TM) for easy and powerful patient data management
  • iTouch(TM): intelligent one-button image optimization for both B and PW images
  • Report template: images from an examination can be embedded in an Examination Report using programmable templates


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Cart Base USG Machine offered by us is specially designed for ensuring extraordinary images. This is an innovative solution which provides comfortable operation experience. Sturdy in construction and compact in design, this machine is user friendly and facilitates easy operations.

Product Details :
GradeSS 304, 316
Display TypeLCD
Display Size15 inch

Comfortable Operation Experience
  • High resolution,wide angle 15'' LCD
  • Compact and streamlined shape
  • User friendly keyborad and controls
  • Light weight probes of wide range of broadband
Great Productivity
  • Zoom™ Instant Full Screen Viewing
  • Quick Save Image transfer to local or directly to USB with one push
  • iStation™ integrates patient data storage, achriving, review and retrieval efficiently
  • Touch™ Auto Optimization Optimizes the uniformity and dynamic range with just one button
Guaranteed Diagnostic Confidence
  • iClear™ Speckle Suppression 
    Improve contrast resolution without compromising spatial resolution
  • iBeam™ Spatial Compounding Imaging 
    Significantly improve resolution and meanwhile get more information of tissue
  • Phase Shift THII
    Increase noise rejection capability,Better contrast resolution,Better tissue subtleties visualization

Portable USG Machine

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Incorporated with advanced technology, Portable USG Machine is designed to be a pure ultrasound machine, evading problems from the operation system itself. The friendly interface and professional report function, of the machine makes it highly efficient and competent. The enhanced design of the machine ensures easy operations and effortless mobility.

Product Details :
Display TypeLCD
Display Size15 inch

Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System Model : DP-50

Today medical technology is enhanced with significant advances. As a caring professional, you seek to utilize these advances for your patient's benefit. Mindray's new DP-50 is a legendary black & white ultrasound system that allows you to do more in less time without any compromise in quality of diagnosis. Designed as a stepping stone into the world of ultrasound, DP-50 will be your legend for general practices, while maintain your budget needs.

Exceptional ergonomics by design
DP-50 has been designed following a careful study of the changing needs of clinical practices. A smart new shape, enhanced mobility and more convenient operation make it a system that is well-suited for clinical settings.

  • Sleek, compact shape, streamlined
  • User friendly keyboard and controls
  • Lightweight system for superior mobility
  • High resolution, wide-angle 15” LCD with tilt functionality for better viewing
Diagnostic confidence with advanced imaging technologies
The DP-50 is integrated with sophisticated technologies that deliver higher resolution and deeper penetration. This results in a more confident diagnosis across a assortment of clinical applications.

100mA Mobile X-Ray

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100mA Mobile X-Ray

100 mA Mobile X-Ray is a superior frequency auto programmable X-Ray system. Precision, high power and very economic are some of the attributes which make this machine meet all radiological needs at an affordable price. Auto programmable elevated frequency based inverter makes the system complete and precise. High-Frequency Auto Programmable X-Ray Systems at an affordable Prices!!

Product Details :
Operation ModeAutomatic
mA100 mA
Frequency50 / 60 Hz

PRECISION, POWER, ECONOMY makes High Frequency X-Ray system
PRECISION, POWER, ECONOMY makes High Frequency X-Ray system High Frequency X-Ray Machines are powered to meet all Radiological needs at an affordable price. Auto Programmable High Frequency based Inverter makes System Precise and Complete. All High Frequency X-Ray System are designed taking into consideration Reliability, True

Main Features of High Frequency X-Ray System
  • Best Suited for Bed Side X-Ray & Trauma Care
  • Spring Based Counter Balanced Mechanical for easy mobility from ward to ward within Hospital
  • Soft Touch Key Pad with Automatic Selection of kVp, mA and mAs for each Body Part
  • Re-Programmable options for new selection of kVp, mA and mAs at Customer's Place
  • Microprocessor based X-Ray Exposure control with Microprocessor based Overload Protection for Better Tube Safety
Compatible Table (Optional)
  • Horizontal Table
  • Floating Table Top Table
  • Manual Tilt Five Position Table

UltraSonography Machine

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300, 500mA X-Ray

300mA, 500mA X-Ray machines have been designed to suit the fluoroscopy, radiography, spot filming and unique procedures. Supreme image quality distinguishes our machine from the others. Its self-governing control over selection of M, kVp and time is exclusive characteristic that empowers you with the flexibility to get hold of unmatched quality and contrast to enable the best clinical decision.

Product Details :
Power Requirement415 V.(24 KW)
Phase3 Phase
Generator Type2 Pulse, Full Wave Rectified
kVp Range40 - 125kVp (Single Step) for Radiography
mAs4 - 500 mAs (Each Step of 2mAs)

  • kVp Range : 40-125kVp (Single Step) for Radiography
  • Radiographic Rating : 50mA ,100mA on small focus200mA, 300mA, on Large focus
  • mAs : 4-500mAs (Each Step of 2mAs)
  • Radiographic Timer : Automatic Selection by Microprocessor (Using Combination of mAs & mA)
  • Tube Type : Unit Compatible Rotaling Anode Tube(BEL/Toshiba)


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C-Arm Machine offered by us helps in intensifying the image and locating the source of the bleeding. Ergonomically designed, the machine has microprocessor controlled X-Ray operations and ensures high performance. The machine possesses monitoring system and cordless remote which makes the functioning of the machine easy and simple.

Product Details :
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Operation ModeSemi Automatic
Power Supply90 - 220 V

  • Cordless Remote
  • Monitoring System
  • Standby for Workstation
  • Microprocessor based system
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Accurate time selection for exposure
  • Automatic Overload protection with visual
  • Audible indication for longer life of the Tube
  • Microprocessor Controlled X-Ray Operations
  • Ergonomic Design with user friendly functions
  • Single step kVp selection. Single step mAs selection
  • Illuminated Front Panel for effortless selection even in dim lit rooms
  • Digital Display for mAs , kVp ,Technic, X-Ray ON & Overload Protection
  • Independent kVp , mA , mAs Techniques for better radiographic fluoroscopic results
  • High Brightness 1.1, High Sensitivity, CCD CAMERA & TV System with Memory Storage System
  • Soft Touch keys for mAs selection , mA selection ,   Radiography/ Fluoroscopy selection & exposure
Last Image Hold, Pulsed Mode, Live Mode, Mirror Images, Recursive Filter, Contrast Enhancement, Negative Image, Zoom both in Horizontal & Vertical Direction, Upside Down Image etc. Large Data Image Storage Facility both in Frame by Frame mode and in Movie mode. Added CD writer for recording on the CD =====

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